Native-X, Inc. Archaeological Services 
Working in California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Washington, and Idaho


It seems that most of of the projects these days are geared toward fire rehabilitation, wetland preservation, endangered species management, geothermal exploration, fuels reduction, mineral and fossil fuels exploration, utility installation, and wind technology. Native-X, Inc. has experience conducting archaeological investigations for projects in all of these areas and more.

What We Do:

Archaeological Surveys / Inventories                                       
Site Recordation and NRHP Evaluations
Relocation and Monitoring of Previously Recorded Sites
Sections 106, 110, and CEQA consultations

Research Design Development
Literature Reviews and Archival Research
Historic and Prehistoric Overviews
Cultural Resource Management Plans

Site Damage Assessments
Site Testing and Excavation
Site Treatment Plans
Archaeological Monitoring for Construction Projects

Architectural Surveys / Inventories
Mapping and NRHP Evaluations of Historic Properties
Emergency Fire Rehabilitation Surveys
Consultation for Fire Overhead Teams during Wildfires

Who We Have Worked For:

USDI Bureau of Land Management
USDA Forest Service
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
US Fish and Wildlife Service
US Bureau of Reclamation
US Army Corps of Engineers
US Rural Utilities Service
City and County Governments
RCDs Rural Conservation Districts

Private Landowners / Ranchers
Engineering Firms
Environmental Consulting Firms
Mining and Mineral Exploration Companies
Geothermal and Seismic Companies
Land Developers
Public Utilities
Tribal Entities 

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